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Covid Update

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Covid 19 Update

We wanted to let you that we will remain open and continue to operate all our services as usual during the new national lockdown.

It was announced that we can stay open as an 'essential service' to ensure that we help to keep the country’s infrastructure clean and tidy. We were of course also relieved that the Government confirmed that tradespeople are encouraged to continue to work.

Earlier in the year we invested heavily to ensure that our branches and our entire business is Covid secure, with strict social distancing and sanitisation stations in place so that we can continue to operate whilst keeping both our customers and colleagues as safe as possible.

So that we continue to work safely, we have taken a number of actions to ensure our staff are able to work and travel safely and adhere to the social distancing measures.

These actions include:

· Remind colleagues daily to only come into work if they are well and no one in their household is self-isolating.

· Regular washing of hands for at least 20 seconds.

· Advise all staff to keep 2 metres apart as much as possible.

· If a 2-meter distance cannot be maintained, staff should work side by side, or face away from each other, rather than face to face.

· Limiting vehicles to contain the driver only, where possible. Given the guidelines issued on 9th April, we will now permit two people in a van where we have no other choice.

· Employees should keep the windows of enclosed machinery or enclosed spaces open for ventilation and be careful to avoid touching their face at all times. The inside of cabs should be regularly cleaned, particularly between use by different operators.

· Increase the frequency of cleaning procedures, pausing operations in the day if necessary, for staff to wipe down their equipment with disinfectant.

· As much as possible, keep groups of workers working together in teams that are as small as possible (cohorting). For example, you keep vehicle crews working together, rather than mixing crew members on different shifts.

· Stagger start/break/finish times to ensure limited interaction thus reducing risk.

For a full list of all our actions and a copy of our comprehensive COVID-19 Continuity Business Plan please contact us.

At Bennett Landscapes we are committed to doing our absolute best to provide the best service possible, whilst safeguarding all our staff and customers and the general public.

Please do keep in touch; we will continue to monitor and respond to all emails at the following address

We thank you for your continued support and hope that better days are just around the corner for all of us.

Best wishes and keep safe

The Bennett’s Team